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Are you interested in renting one of our Pedal Go Karts? Do you have an outdoors birthday party or just another event at the park and you want the kids to have as much fun as the adults?

We have a Pedal Go Kart for every adventure so you can have a lot of active playtime pleasure! If you love to try new things, rent one of our Pedal Go Karts and experience something fun and exciting for you and your guests. You can offer them a different experience, using a product designed to play, which is safe and easy to use.

You can rent the Pedal Go Karts for sporting events, children’s and adult parties, camps and organizations that have outdoor activities. They can be used for racing on asphalt or dirt.

Contact us and we will be delighted to send you a proposal with different rental kart options, including the requirements and pricing according to your needs. We service the Miami-Dade and South Broward county areas.

Nothing is too crazy with a pedal go karts!