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Berg Buzzy Yellow

Berg Buzzy Yellow

2 – 5 Years


Berg Buzzy Yellow Pedal Kart

Learning to pedal has never been so easy


Berg Buzzy Yellow Pedal Go Kart is the newest BERG family member. Learning how to pedal has never been easier for the youngest! It’s literally child’s play with a BERG Buzzy! This yellow sensation on wheels promises many hours of unadulterated playing fun. Pedal and ride!. Nothing is too outrageous for a BERG Go-kart! More stable, much faster and more fun than any tricycle!

Unique: Make the BERG Buzzy your first pedaling experience. Your feet will remain on the pedals, even through the curves. And, as you pedal, you are learning the principles of cycling!

Super Light Riding: Thanks to the four whisper-quiet EVA tires, riding is super light!

Super Stable: Because of its four wheels, the BERG Buzzy is much more stable than a tricycle!

Adjustable: Thanks to the adjustable handlebar and seat, the BERG Buzzy will grow along with you!


  • Adjustable steering wheel and saddle
  • Silent whisper tyres (EVA)
  • Pedal control at all times, even while steering
  • The 4 wheels keep you firmly grounded


  • Primary Material: Metal
  • Age Group: 2 to 5 Years
  • Seating Capacity: 1 Seater
  • Outdoor Use: Yes
  • Number of Wheels: 4
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Dimmensions: 33 x 20 x 19in

The 4 wheels and swing axle keep you grounded firmly and safely.

Silent EVA whisper tyres that will never go flat.

Always control over the steering wheel and the pedals because they can be operated independently.

Grows with you due to the adjustable steering wheel and saddle.

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